My Ghost Terminology

Long ago I became aware that there are many different terms and titles for spirits, entities, and other types of ghostly phenomena.  While never having really felt the need to categorize or label spirits, I've always just dealt with them and their energy, one-on-one, and taken care of issues, often with compassion and understanding having a much better outcome than force and hyperbole. Here, on MY GHOST TERMINOLOGY , I share with you some of the ghostly manifestations that I have personally encountered in my over half a century walk this time around and provide some definitions as per my personal experiences with them.

Be Well, Travel Safely, I Bid You Peace... Mariah
BARGHEST (pronounced BAR-GUEST): This is a black, spectral hound of English folklore. The barghest has also been seen in North America. The energy of the barghest can not only manifest as a dog, but also as a bear. It has been known to shriek when it's not viewable and its feet or paws can be heard while it's moving through wet ground. It is thought that the barghest made its way to North America from Britain and Europe by way of connecting itself to unsuspecting people emmigrating to the U.S.

BATHORY CATS: This is a cat-like entity thought to have been originally brought onto this earth by Elizabeth Bathory during her "bloody" reign. In reality, this spectral cat has been noted in times and cultures as far back as the Pharoahs of Egypt. This name, though, can be used for any dark, spectral cat that is observed. This cat, when befriended by a living, serves as a guardian to the individual. It can be sweet and "normal" to the protected one, yet ominous, frightening, and powerful to any person wishing to harm their charge. This is where some of the folklore of the black cat legends connected to witches comes from. To others, this cat spirit or entity appears as black, often with glowing yellow, green, or even red eyes. The cat can also be of any size - often mistaken for a panther. Remember - this spectral cat is a guardian and may do whatever it needs to do to protect the one who has befriended it.

BHUT (pron. boot): This spirit is of Nepalese origin, not East Indian or Tibetan as it is often mistaken as being. The history of any Bhut is that he was a man who met his death by hanging and his extremely angry spirit is brought forth and sent to someone for revenge. It is a strongly malevolent spirit who plagues male individuals, mostly in family settings. The males who are being bothered by the Bhut will war with each other if they live in the same house and will be easily prone to anger where they usually got along well with each other and had a good raport with others in the home. Animals on the property and pets in the home will also begin to shy away from someone that the Bhut is attacking. This is a spirit with intent who was sent to plague the men themselves, but is more often sent to seek revenge upon a woman in the home, thus making her life a living hell seeing those whom she cares for the most at each other's throats. Women are needed in the house that has a Bhut for it is they who can detect it and cleanse it. A woman can smell the Bhut where the angry males of the household cannot. The scent of white vinegar prevails where the Bhut wanders. As this tortured soul's body was killed by hanging, its feet do not touch the ground. To cleanse the males who are affected, a woman must get them to lie on the ground for a relaxing look at the stars (it's a good excuse that works). She must then burn turmeric in the home. This can be done by simply shaking powdered turmeric onto a sage bundle and then use the smoke to cleanse. She must also walk the smoking sage with turmeric on it around the perimeter of the home's property and allow the smoke to also get into the vehicles of the men of the house. She must do this while focusing on getting the Bhut to leave and find peace in the afterlife. Saying a prayer for this tortured soul is an excellent idea. Do NOT send it back from whence it came for this is just bringing bad energy back to you in other ways - work with the Bhut to get him to calm and find peace. Worry about who sent it and why later.

DARK GNOMES: These energies are not true spirits in the sense of having once been alive. They are Earth Elementals that are, in their own way, alive and well. They are spirits of nature that reside much deeper in the Earth than we can fathom, yet can move freely to the surface whenever they feel the need. When they are present, a person may begin to find holes in the soil of their property thinking that gophers are present. Traps set to catch little gophers will be triggered without any animal being caught or harmed. Gnome-like creatures are often seen where there are animals and the people who protect them or devote their lives to the welfare of animals. Gnomes are both benevolent and malevolent in nature to humans. They've been known to play pranks if not spoken to properly with sincere and heartfelt respect, honor, and grace. If they are satisfied with the way they are spoken to, they will honor the humans on the property with protection and care - sometimes along with some harmless pranks to just keep people on their toes and aware of their surroundings. When a Gnome appears in a dark form or in silhouette, this is the fault of the one who views them. Negativity, fear, or narrow-mindedness on the part of the person who views them is merely transferred to the vision of the Gnome. This is information to the viewer that he/she must open their vision to the world of Elementals in a more accepting manner, as well as a reminder to speak and work more with the Elementals and Mother Nature's many gifts. They can wreak havoc on those who don't pay attention to them or they can bring great gifts of guidance and protection - the choice is up to the person who views them. Some are somewhat chubby while others are long and thin; none are over 18 inches tall. Though tiny, they're mighty, and should be treated with respect as should all of the wonders that Mother Nature shares with us.

DOMOVIK: This is a spirit who usually can be found in older homes that once had wood-burning stoves, but not always as they CAN be found in modern electrical houses as well. This spirit is always male and referred to as he, him, himself, or, if decendants of the original family still are residing in the home, as grandfather. The Domovik is also found in homes of those whose family heralded from Russia and he is considered to be the eldest member of the family, the patriarch. He most often seeks comfort in residing behind where the old stove of the house used to stand and can often make his appearance either to help the family out or to create mischief to let others know that they need to keep themselves in check. If the decendants of the original family do not take Domovik with them and just leave him there, he will usually make himself known to the new residents of the home by messing things up in the home, especially in the kitchen. He will appear to cause poltergeist activity but, he is not a poltergeist in the true sense of the word. He is lost, angry, and saddened that his family forgot him. Sometimes, when a new family is made aware of this and make attempts to welcome him into their family, he will quiet down and accept them as his own while doing for the new people what he long did for his original family. If not, it is highly suggested that members of the original family be found to take him with them. This spirit is a family member and should be treated as such.

FETCH: This energy resembles a person in the greatest of details, including their wearing apparel. The Fetch is often misnamed the doppel-ganger (totally different in purpose but almost identical in appearance). Unfortunately, if one is witness to a Fetch, especially of oneself, this is considered amoung many cultures to be a death omen or a warning of some incredibly bad luck to befall the person. Although, to those of Irish decent, it is felt that if one is witness to a Fetch in the morning, it is a blessing meaning that the witness will have a long life. A Fetch can be seen by either the person that it has taken the form and appearance of, or by any person who knows the original person and knows that the original is nowhere in the area. It will appear in a solid form and will move, act, and often sound just like the original. The Fetch, when seen, doesn't disappear, thin-out, or become fuzzy in appearance as a dopple-ganger will; it is simply there one minute and gone the next.

GREMLINS: These little guys seem to like to hang around humans. They were first noted around aircraft during World War I. Royal Air Force pilots were the first to call the misty, goblin-like creatures that they would see in their planes during dangerous missions the term Gremlin. This term was originally from Grimm's Fairy Tales and openly spoken of during World War II by RAF pilots who served in India. Gremlins seem to have an affinity for technology and like to "play" with it. Unfortunately, their "play" can be very destructive. They've been known to bore holes in aircraft, sever fuel lines, bite into scissors rendering them useless, and even drink fuel and pester and poke the pilots, bombardiers, and gunners. As mischievous and destructive as they are, they have also been credited with assisting many disabled or shot-up planes to make it home to safety. They have been noted to give directions to pilots audibly through the head-phones as well as in the cabin to help the pilot change course, land, etc. to avoid unforeseen disasters. Gremlins are moody. They have now been seen in factories and around today's modern technology. They've been known to influence cell phones & cell towers, mess around with televisions, DVD players, and various other entertainment units, as well as computers in the home and in offices. And you thought that computers were just weird.

IGNIS FATUUS: Seriously, this truly is something that is more scientific in nature than paranormal. That does NOT mean that when it is photographed, seen, experienced in any way, that it's not any less unnerving. Scientifically speaking it is merely the collected gases naturally set off during normal decomposition and putrefaction of anything dead. Some of the gases of decomposition can become volatile when combined and upon reaching an oxygenated atmosphere; hence the appearance of balls of fire. The gases that are released are many, such as the ptomaines: cadaverine, putrescine, skatole, and indole (these are the most common gases that produce the "I smell something dead" smell); ammonia & ammonia compounds; mercaptans, which produce high volatility in the gas & are insoluble in water; along with methane, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide to name a few. Various legends are associated with Ignis fatuus, though. They are seen world-wide along with the legends and different terms for them; such as Corpse Candles, spectral lights, witch-fire, fire creature, fire demon, and also Irrlicht in German lore. Legends of milk being tainted by these lights and people being forced off the road to their death are more than likely just the gas getting to the milk and contaminating it, along with cases of simple hysteria. Where no dead bodies are present, marsh gases also contain the aforementioned natural products and any form of static electricity or heavy magnetic fields, such as those around electric wires, can set off "clouds" of the gas that may accumulate naturally in the area.

OLD HAG EFFECT (OR SYNDROME): This malady can often be explained logically and medically as being caused by stress, sleep disorders such as apnea, anxiety, or just being afraid of the dark. If this occurs often, medical advice should be sought. In 65% of cases, a scientific, medical explanation takes care of the issue. it's the other 35% that is unclear. During this Effect, the victim awakens from sleep and feels as if someone or something is pressing on their chest. This can, of course, indicate heart problems, as well, but if medical advice has been sought, that should be ruled out. The victim can also feel that he/she cannot move their arms or legs, can feel disjointed from their bodies, can actually feel hands holding them down that often don't allow the person to take a breath. If the victim can calm themselves, often just saying a prayer will remove the entity, if there is one. If this doesn't work, then it very possibly is NOT an entity causing the problem. The person must gather their senses and pull themselves back into their own body as they, most likely, have done a bit of out-of body travel and weren't aware of it. When we unconsciously travel while asleep, we often awaken during the act of rejoining with our physical selves. This jolts us awake before we are completely 'put back together' so to speak.

PUCA (a.k.a. POOKA): These entities are the ultimate shape-shifters. They can present themselves by being as small as a mouse or as large as the big rabbit puca made famous in the Jimmy Stewart film "Harvey". They can be as graceful as a dove or as lumbering as an elephant. They have the ability to move and change shape at will. They have the ability to see inside of a person's soul to the true nature of that person. If they see fit, they will link themselves to a person and cause that individual to be able to understand the language of animals. They can be helpful to people that they like, but can still show their playful, mischievous side, as well. This can lead to some difficult situations for the person so blessed to have a puca as a friend, but, the puca can be dealt with by that person if done politely. They also protect those they chose to like from evil spirits. A person can show appreciation to their Puca by offering it some cream or milk along with some good cake or bread. Pucas also can be found in cemeteries where they keep watch over many of the graves of those who loved animals. They are ready to reek havoc upon anyone who chooses to defile the graves of those people or rob the graves. It is also thought that the Puca will comfort people who visit the cemetery who are feeling particularly angst-ridden and distraught emotionally. Pucas also have the ability to be seen during the day and have been observed in photographs as clouds of red dust that sometimes glows, rising out of the ground or hanging in trees during funerals or visits.

RESIDUALS or what I refer to as VIDEO HAUNTINGS:  These, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, are not true hauntings.  They are unnerving when witnessed, but are essentially harmless to the observer other than leaving one with a sense of fright and/or wonder over the occurrence.  These episodes are more of an imprint on the fabric of time.  They will repeat themselves, often on (or close to) the time of year when they originally happened.  A person can be fully awake when in the area of one of these occurrences, but sometimes feel as if they're in a dreamlike state as energies are oftentimes overlapping.  They can take place in an area where strong emotions of fear, hate, anger, pain, or even love and great happiness were experienced, with these episodes repeating themselves, like in a loop of film.

SILKIES: These are female spirits that are dressed in rustling silk skirts or voluminous pants. According to lore, these ladies like to perform household duties. If they are happy and like the residents of the homes that they inhabit, they will tidy up a messy home or assist those who live in the home by giving them energy and focus to be able to clean the home themselves, but with more direction, clarity, and proficiency. But, if they are ticked off, they can have a bad attitude and mess up a normally tidy abode. Silkies can also be guardians for the home and have been known to bar someone from entering the house if they wish to do some harm to any person or animal that resides therein. These ladies also have an audible signal when they are about - one will hear the fabric of their skirts or voluminous pantaloons rustling and often wander about their home wondering what is making this odd sound while not being able to really pin-point where it is coming from. If the rustling seems to be coming from within a wall, this is an indication that the wall didn't used to be there.  These ladies, in their greatly noisy attire, also may appear for some just before the death of a loved one in the home.  They do not cause the death, but share maternal energy with those who will be feeling grief at their loss some time later on.

WHIST HOUNDS: These hounds are NOT the Barghest hounds previously spoken of here. These hounds are of a highly personal nature. They generally appear to someone, more often to a female, who is just entering puberty. This hound is the soul of an unbaptized child born to the person whom they follow and this person is now plagued by them from a past life. The Whist Hound does appear to males as they were women in a past life, at least once, and this is evidence of that time. This hound is quite frightening and ominous in appearance, usually solid black with red glowing eyes. The Whist will look directly at the person that is the parent. It will often get close to the past parent, but rarely, if ever, attacks even though the person will be able to hear the growls or feel the breath of the Whist and will feel threatened. The Whist is looking for acknowledgement and acceptance from its parent. To set this soul to rest and on its proper path, the parent must pray forgiveness from their Higher Power for their past wrong and ask that this child no longer be held responsible for the neglect or wrong-doing of the parent in a bygone time. Any further communications from this hound should cease at this point, including dreams containing the hound. Rest assured - this is NOT a Hound from Hell, but it IS unfinished business from a past life that should be taken care of by the person being followed, and no other, which will greatly benefit both souls in the future. If someone is foolish enough to "hire" someone to do this for them or purchase some artifact that will supposedly "protect them" from the Hound or "banish" it away, they've not only wasted their money, but their Whist Hound will return. This is a DIY project - not something for so-called "professionals", "investigators", or "exorcists".

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