Wednesday, June 8, 2016

School's Out! -- Reconnect!

None of us know what tomorrow will bring, so, since kids are out of school, take time to reconnect with them as you also reconnect with yourself by doing so.  Turn off the cell phones and unplug the video games; let your computer rest/sleep for awhile as you also turn the TV off for a change.  Don't worry about your bff needing to text you about what her kids are doing or how she decided to paint her fingernails today - none of that matters.  Believe me, social media will get along just fine without you having the need to put your two cents worth onto it.  People WILL survive without you immediately validating their existence with an LOL, emogi, or k for awhile.  

Sit down at the table to eat a meal with your family and/or friends you've prepared yourself.  If you aren't such a great cook, that's cool.  Just go get a good meal from a restaurant you like that doesn't bring to mind yellow M's, clown faces, kids with irritating braids, a creepy dude allegedly from that state just north of Tennessee, or a weird royal dude with no real pedigree to speak of.

Bring that meal home and actually set the table, light a few candles and make that sit-down meal at the table special.  If you have dishes you only bring out at holidays, let your kids know they are as important to you as any holiday by using those "good" dishes.  Play some music, softly, in the background - music from a different era from before you were born.  Who knows - maybe you'll actually find music that is new to you and your kids; music you can actually understand the lyrics to.

Sit at home and play board games with your kids - not something that has bells, whistles, flashing lights, and beeps, but something where the mind has to be used, along with actual interactions between players, resulting in a few laughs along the way.

Create a project for you and your kids to work on TOGETHER for the summer.  Maybe build bird houses or a dog house or maybe even a doll house with your little ones.  Let them put in their ideas of how it should look and don't try to make it perfect.  After all, some of the coolest things built with kids aren't perfect and contain a beauty all their own, uniquely and individually.

Set up a reading program or challenge if you have several children.  Let them read at their own level, but entice them to read by you setting a good example and being part of it, too.  Yes, make time to read with your kids and you can easily find that time by turning off the electronic gadgets that you've become so dependent upon.  Those gadgets won't last, but the memories you create with your children will.  And, if you're reading a fun, cozy mystery, go ahead and read some of it out loud to your kids, allowing them to read to you portions of the books they're reading, too.  If your kids are too young to read, then set them on your lap and read to them, asking them what they see in the pictures.  Point out different parts of what's talked about on the page, which hopefully is also reflected in the art work on the page.

If your kids don't like to read, then give them an incentive to do so.  Don't ply them with the hope of a new gadget, but something they can learn from and appreciate - something like not having to clean their room for a couple of weeks if they read so many books.  Or even better, having an Un-Birthday party at our local pizza joint, where all can join in and have fun; not just the children you have that were involved in the reading challenge --- but just don't tell them they'll get to all participate in that party, because they won't try to meet the challenge if you do.  They won't put in the effort.  Let the fact of them all being able to be at the party remain a surprise.

Work on arts and crafts projects WITH your kids.  Don't just sit them in front of a bunch of stuff and tell them to make it - make it with them.  One thing I found VERY enjoyable to make with my daughter was baking soda clay we would harden in the oven.  She and I would then paint those creations we'd made and I still have several of those, as does she now that she's an adult and out of the nest.  You can find recipes for making baking soda clay on the internet easily.  Making this clay is fun, easy, and gives you an excuse to pull out cookie cutters you haven't used in years.  It can also be molded into shapes, so let your kids imagination guide them and you'll have great works of art that will last much longer than the latest version of whatever stress-filled intelligent phone is currently being pushed.

Do have movie nights, but make those times adventures like I did with my own child WAAAYYY back in the day.  Camp out on the living room floor or let them build a fort, and then you parents get into that fort with them.  Let your hair down and let yourself be a kid again.  Yes, you're the big people in the house, but there's no rule out there telling you that you can't reconnect with your children and play like them.

Turn off the phone and forget the junk you have to do at work.  For a few hours, even forget the repairs and work you have to do on your own house or apartment.  Forget the mounds of laundry and dishes in the sink.  They'll wait, but your kids won't.  Get outside with your kids and play ball or look at the clouds or stars, asking your kids what shapes they see in them.  And, hey, maybe even ask them to make up a story about what they see in the shapes clouds and stars make (here is where I would suggest strongly you have a recording device hidden somewhere close, because some of the stories kids come up with are absolutely marvelous and so fun to listen to later).

If you have space - or even if you just have a patio/balcony type of thing - plant a little garden with your kids.  What you sow today you will reap tomorrow applies in SO many different ways here.  Let them see the fruits of their labors develop as they also develop patience.  If it's too late in the season for you to plant things that would show up in the summer, then plant now that which will bear fruit in the fall.  If you have limited space, try container gardening; there are many sites on the internet that will teach you how to do that and it IS fun.

There are so many things you can do to reconnect with your kids.  Just turn off all the electronic stuff and be fully in the moment of enjoying time with them.  They may balk at it at first, but don't give up; you ARE the big people in the room.  So, if they sit back in the room and pout because they can't have their phones, start playing that board game or begin to build that fort yourself as you show them how much fun YOU are having - they'll usually join in just because they don't want to be left out.

Use this summer time to reconnect with your kids.  Don't allow electronics to be their baby-sitters.  Do stuff WITH your kids; not FOR them.  Seriously, none of us know what tomorrow will bring, so make the time of Now count.  You'll never regret it and the memories will last you and them a lifetime.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Medal: Proof that Spirits Can and Do Move Objects

Many years ago a friend stayed with my family for a few weeks.  He was in quite an emotional state about many issues.  I won't go into all of his issues as most of those are very personal, but two of them were that he'd never won anything in his life, no matter how hard he tried, and he felt that he'd never have love of a good woman in his life either.  Though he was well into his twenties, he was young and emotionally withdrawn, as well as extremely depressed.  We tried to get him professional help, but none was available.  So, we gave to him the only things we had, which were a safe roof over his head through his trying emotional time, food in his stomach, caring, support, and, above all, love.
At one point during his stay I gave to him a medal that I had won in a music competition in high school.  This medal meant a great deal to me, but he and his life meant more.  I gave it to him to let him know he'd won our hearts.  He held onto that medal and eventually awoke from his depression.  He was able to move back to his own home, taking the medal with him, and able to move on with life, successfully and happily.
After that time, he never had the opportunity to come over to our house again.  He did move on with life, eventually getting married to a truly lovely gal and being blessed with children he thought he would never have during that awful time so many years ago.  The medal - and the love behind it - healed in many ways.
So, just recently, within the last month or so as of the writing of this post, my husband and I have been turning the house up and down looking for a document he has misplaced.  While helping him to look for this document, I began thinking of the medal given to the friend so long ago.  I wondered why in the world my thoughts would suddenly go to the medal and just dismissed it for a few days as I continued to look all over the place for my husband's document.
One evening I was moved to go through the junk drawers of my husband's dresser - a dresser cabinet I'd bought for him about six years ago, long after the friend had left our house.  The bottom drawer was literally packed solid with old receipts, to the point of not being able to be easily opened any longer.  My husband admitted that he'd not opened that drawer in a couple of years as we worked to open it.  While I worked through the mess of old, wadded up receipts in that drawer, something dropped out of them with a clunk, hitting the front of the drawer.  That something was the medal!
Well, I will admit that I was pleasantly shocked to see it, but also surprised and a bit breathless.  My mind was brought back to a dream I'd had just a few years ago, where I was told that when the medal was no longer needed, it would return.  I remembered thinking that would be quite the gift indeed, but as time went on I simply put that dream - that vision - on the back burner.  Now, as I held the medal in my hand and recalled the dream, I thanked my Higher Power and the person in the dream for this return, also letting them know it was nice to know it had done its job and was no longer needed.  I soon got up after completing my work of going through those crumpled receipts and put the medal safely back where it belonged with other medals from that time in my youth.  Spirits CAN and DO work their magic when the time is right.
I have friends that have read my book, but are still a bit skeptical of spirits and their existence, along with the fact of them being able to move things.  So I have asked a couple of them what their explanation of this might be.  They had none to offer.  How could they?  After all - the old friend the medal was given to hasn't been in my house in over eight years AND the dresser cabinet was totally cleaned out and emptied five years ago, moved, and used for other things besides clothes. 

One friend I've shared this with did ask me an interesting question, innocently and openly, since he's a bit new to this world of spirits.  That question was, "Which spirit or spirits brought it back?"  I knew the answer to his question, but still love the fact that my slightly skeptical friend is now thinking and opening his mind to spirits - that is a beautiful thing to witness.  I didn't have to rely on just explaining to my friend the feelings or images I had at the time of who it was that is in spirit as being my only proof of which spirit brought it back.  Under more of those crumpled receipts gone through that evening was a picture of that person, whose image had flashed in my mind's eye as soon as I'd touched the medal - a picture that was lost long ago - along with a card from my husband that was given to me in the year the person in the picture passed.  The picture and card both were found at the very bottom of the drawer, about half an hour AFTER finding the medal.

To the skeptical, there simply IS no explanation for this, other than spirits having returned the medal.  As it truly was no longer needed in the life of the person it was given to, the spirit of someone that loved me in life still loves me in death and saw to it the medal was returned (I forgot to mention the old card was a Valentine's Day card - love was given, love has returned, and love never dies).  To some skeptics though, these facts won't matter, because facts will never change their minds, no matter how they're presented.

To those of us who know and, though confident, admit we are and always will be learning and opening to the world of spirit, along with the endless wonder of it, this is an awesome example of what spirits can do and how they'll get their messages across.

And, if you're wondering if we've found that missing document, nope, we haven't as of yet.  But, we ARE looking forward to what surfaces during this journey.

Always be open; remember dreams and visions given to you, and always be observant of that which is around you.

Many blessings to you, today and always!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Instantly Disliking Someone Upon Meeting Them...

Most of us have had this happen to us.  We meet a person and are presented with someone who is kind and genuine, polite and friendly, seemingly honorable and humble without a touch of haughtiness, pushiness, or suspicion about them.  We know nothing about them other than what we are presented with, yet, for some odd reason we instantly dislike them.  We try to cover it up and move sensibly through it, hoping it will pass, but this dislike lingers and, perhaps, begins to grow in its intensity the longer we are in the presence of the person.  We think logically to ourselves that this person has done absolutely nothing to warrant this feeling that has come upon us, yet wonder why we feel the way we do, while chiding ourselves for being so unreasonable and irrational.
Why does this happen?  Well, a dear friend of mine from Mexico explained this very thing to me one afternoon while we were chatting about things as we often did.  She and her ancestors called this instant dislike for someone just met as being Caliente Corazon - or the Hot Heart - and it has nothing to do with anything romantic or amorous in any way.  My friend's name was Josie and she was somewhat of a spiritual shaman in her own right.  She shared with many people the teachings of her familial beliefs.  She opened my eyes and thoughts on many things when I was young and, though I knew of past life information and many other things, I'd never had someone open up to having anger, a grudge, or even fear or wariness concerning someone carry over into other lives.  Caliente Corazon is what she and her people call that carry over energy.

When this occurs, our souls are communicating and connecting with the soul of the individual we encounter who sparks this internal heat.  It is the fire of the two souls having gone through something together before, in another life, reawakening something long forgotten.  Unfortunately, we usually don't know what that something is or was.  It's a clash of energy from a time in the past or even, in her words, something known in the present that will happen or erupt, like a volcano of the heart, in the future.  The soul knows, but rarely shares its secrets, except through this feeling of instant dislike - a.k.a. Caliente Corazon.

Dear, wise Josie explained something that made very clear sense to me and I hope it does to you as well.  There is "business" left undone with this person regarding the soul's work and development and, if you get the opportunity to connect with that person - either by working with them or having to, in some way, be in their presence for an extended period of time - that "business" will eventually reveal itself to you.  The work needed may be within yourself or just allowing time to work out an energy that prevails in them by way of you being connected with them.

I asked her if, possibly, we are subconsciously picking up on something not very nice about the person and this might be the cause instead - like picking up on the energy of someone's ulterior motives.  She informed me that this is a definite maybe, but we know that energy because we have met it before from that same soul - we've intertwined with the soul's heat before. We know, without consciously realizing it, what that person is really capable of, even if they don't wish it to be known and hide it well from others, or don't know it themselves.

So, the next time you walk by someone or are introduced to a person and you just can't stand them - perhaps even find you are becoming angry and disgustingly heated in their presence - know that you have met this person before.  You've not met them in this costume (or body) before, but your souls have crossed paths at least once in their wanderings.  And, interestingly enough, you've had dealings with this soul before, in another life, from the past OR the future (time can be irrelevant to the soul).

Caliente Corazon - something very interesting to know.  Thank you, Josie, for your wisdom - where ever you are.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Blocking That Which You Desire the Most - The Energy and Meaning of Rabbit

We've all done it - we've yearned for something to happen or asked our Higher Power for help and it hasn't happened.  We've wondered if our prayers weren't being heard or if we aren't worthy enough for something good and beautiful to occur.  We then want or need what it is even more, thinking about it almost to the point of obsession.  What we don't realize is that we are allowing fear to be the motivation here - not true desire or need - fear.
We fear what might happen if we don't make enough money to pay the bills; we fear our lives moving on if we don't get to communicate with the spirit of a loved one; we fear the results of our relationships if we share our worries with another person; etc.  Worry, fear, doubt, and the pain that results from those things - especially the pain - results in us literally creating a spiritual wall where the good can't get through.
Rabbit's totem energy speaks to you of this fear - this debilitating fear - and it is something you may not realize you are experiencing.  Rabbits are all cute and sweet in appearance, but they're afraid of many things one normally shouldn't be afraid of and, because of this, they bite, oftentimes causing their bites to infect their welfare the most.  They're always watching out for what might be, instead of enjoying the fact they're alive to live another day, enjoying the marvel of life and pursuing their goal of eating of the wonders of the field.  They block the ability to see what's right in front of them, while also drawing to them that which they fear the most.  They, along with anyone who has Rabbit's energy too much a part of their life, will find luck is rarely on their side.  They'll feel alone when they really aren't, especially if they have lost a loved one and have ever uttered the question, "Why can't I get a sign or feel that person?"  Simply put, they've built their own spiritual brick wall and have blocked the loved one on their own in this case.
From time to time we all have Rabbit in our lives.  We all have fear, some of which is normal, but we cannot allow that fear to own us and rule us to the point where our lives and our thinking are directed towards negative ends.  Yes, we can feel down for a bit and even a bit lost and fearful, but we must not allow that to become who we are.  Once we know Rabbit is playing with us and drawing us into a hole, we must look that cute, little bunny in the face and own it, cuddle it, and make it feel safe (note: if you don't believe in Totem energies, just call it fear or emotional drain; I don't care which as everyone is different and I totally respect that fact).  Psychologically one may look at this as soothing the inner child, while confronting one's own fears of adult life and dealing with them.  Some pains never go away, but they do NOT have the right to own your soul unless YOU give them that right, along with the power to do so.
To overcome the pull of Rabbit, first realize that this little one isn't bad or negative.  He's trying to get you to see what you are doing and make a change.  Realize that there are NO bad or negative animal energies.  They may be seen as bad at that time, because you may only have the capability of seeing the negative for awhile.  You may be too closed off to see the good or at a place in life where you can't fully learn from the bad - it does take time to be able to grow and allow the message to sink in, so don't rush it. 
Then, when you have come to the conscious realization that all things are learning experiences, whether bad or good, and balance truly is needed to fully appreciate the easier times, healing and the energy around you will begin to change (you may have to repeat this to yourself numerous times).  You'll need to focus on other things and move yourself, putting one foot in front of the other.  You won't be ignoring or shedding the remembrance of what happened or what you're worried about, but you will no longer allow it to control you.  It is when you move - when you think forward - when you act - that things will begin to change around for you; not while you are focusing on it.  Think of it this way - we have all lost something in our homes and gone nuts-bang trying to find it.  We know we have it and it's there somewhere, but it eludes us.  Isn't it true that, when you are looking for something else or absorbed mentally in doing something else, this is when you find what you were looking for or thought you'd lost?  The energy of need, want, worry, and fear gets kicked out of the mix, allowing things to align to the point where whatever it was could be revealed to you due to the fact of your mind being focused elsewhere.
Realize, too, that this healing, strength, and being able to face fears are ALSO the energy of Rabbit.  This little one symbolizes rebirth and emergence from the hole we have allowed ourselves to fall into or been emotionally dragged into.  It takes courage to manifest the energy one needs to move forward, heal, and open up to let the good in.  That takes guts!  Rabbit isn't there to destroy your life; he's there to let you know what you are really up to so that you can shift that energy and be better than you were before the pain hit.  Rabbit is, in my opinion, the epitome of balance in a very small package.  It is our job, though, to bring ourselves up out of the hole of despair and have the courage to face, become acquainted with, and acknowledge our fears.  Life - Death - Rebirth - all are the energy and message of Rabbit.
I cannot emphasize this enough.  Energy!  We are all energy and it is we who control that energy.  We can cool our jets and look to the future, allowing healing to happen along with the good we need to come to us, or we can continue to worry, fret, and be fearful, blocking the good which is usually just around the corner or nearly within our grasp.  The choice is yours and I hope you make it a good one.
I must do a little self-promotion here to let you know that as of June 1st, 2015, I have performed over 3000 Personal Animal Totem Energy Readings for my clients.  I read the animals that have entered your space - your field - for a varying amount of time, giving you their messages, warnings, blessings, and support.  These readings can be obtained directly from my website at .
Take care and may you calm your fears.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Restless Spirit at Peace - A Follow-Up From My Book

I've had the delightful privilege of being interviewed on numerous radio, internet, and pod-cast programs by many wonderful hosts.  Occasionally I've been asked if some of the spirits I encountered and shared in my book, Restless in Peace: A Psychic Mortician's Encounters with Those who Refuse To Rest (available through Llewellyn Worldwide, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble), were able to eventually find rest.  The answer to that is yes, most of them have, and I share with you here a follow up from Chapter 10: They Come A-Knockin'.  As several encounters are shared in that chapter, this pertains to the restless and angry spirit whose encounter begins on page 131 and continues on from there.
I write, "Then there are those unfortunate souls that chose to end their lives by their own hands at a funeral home.  If their spirits make a return visit, they can often reflect their feelings at the time of their suicide, which can leave the living who encounter these spirits knowing what real fear is."  I go on to speak of the warning given to me by a coworker and the appearance of the poor soul as he terrorizes us one evening and then chases me to my car on another.  That was a fear that nearly made me not return to the funeral home I call Serenity Shores, but fear could not rule this issue, nor me.  Getting away from him and protecting myself was one thing, but leaving that tortured soul to repeat his anxiety was another.  I couldn't leave this miserable being to continue to suffer any more than I could an animal in pain - my heart wouldn't let me and my soul wouldn't abide by it.
So, what the book doesn't tell is the full end of the story.
When I returned home that evening after being chased, as I wrote in the book, I didn't tell my husband or anyone I live with about what had happened.  I did cry, privately, to myself, but also wondered why I cried and who for.  Was I crying for me and the fear manifested in the encounter as a relief type of mechanism, or was there something more?  I had to ask myself this for quite some time.  It finally came to me that I should continue to pray, not for myself, but for that person that he had been in life.  Yes, he was now in spirit, but at one point he had been a living, breathing human being.  He had been forced - either due to circumstances beyond his control or due to something askew in his own mind - to enter into a realm of darkness where none can reach; where pain rules the roost and all semblance of hope has disappeared.  This forced him to take his own life as a way out, but he, unlike most, didn't get that closure; didn't receive that rest he'd hoped to gain by committing the ultimate final act upon himself.
I needed to know why; I needed to know what he needed.  I was also curious as to what may have pushed him to do such a desperate act.  I meditated and I prayed for many nights.  Eventually, the message came back to me that the what and why of his issues were not really the point, but what he needed was simple - love, compassion, and understanding from another living being; something he'd not had in life or even in death.  That I could do.
I began connecting with his pain and, as an empath, that went deep into my soul.  I knew, though, that the loving hand of God, Spirit (what I call one of my Guides), and my Guardians wouldn't let me fall.  Fear did not have to enter this journey - this journey to care for and save a soul from his own personal Hell on Earth.  I prayed, I cried, and felt compassion and understanding for someone I'd never met in his life, but had the chance to connect with in death.  I also prayed I did this man some good, but knew that, somehow and at some time, I would be shown I had.
Patience was involved and I had to accept the fact that things take time.  Also, when the time was right I would know he'd found peace and not until.  Too many healers of spirit allow their egos to run with them and they will say that they've done their job right then and there, johnny-on-the-spot, to sound as if they are in control when, in reality, it is our Higher Power and none other who is calling the shots.  My ego doesn't play that game nor need the immediate validation; I am one who understands and knows full well the power of love and compassion, as well as the need for time to work its wonders.  So, I waited.
Several years after this encounter spoken of in my book, and after taking time to pray for the person involved (his spirit), my husband and I had the opportunity to take someone into our home that I had known for many years.  This young man was like a son to me, but, little did we know that he arrived with ulterior motives and an anger that went far beyond just being sullen and quiet.  Unbeknownst to us he was doing things in our home that would make anyone want to boot a person to the curb and say good riddance to bad rubbish.  I wasn't able to feel or sense it even though I am an empath.  Why?  Because love blinded the issue.  Love, though a powerfully healing and benevolent force, can also be a person's walled blind spot when another has intentions of using it against a person, seeing it as a weakness to be exploited.  That is why love, of any kind, must be given and felt for the right reasons; not out of need or loneliness, but out of honest caring and altruistic benevolence.  I needed to learn that lesson, while the tortured spirit of the person from the funeral home needed to be a contributing factor in my learning, while also needing someone to honestly care.
During the time this young man lived with us he told me tales of not being able to look towards or out of his bedroom window.  He told me something ugly, disheveled, and frightening kept looking in at him.  By his description, he had somehow seen the same spirit that had chased me in the parking lot and had peered in the window of the funeral home, even though I'd never shared this encounter with him.  I wondered what was up with that, but chose to let it go and let my Higher Powers deal with it.  Still, this young man that I mistakenly cared so very much for, was uncomfortable and needed somewhere else to hang his hat.  The truth of death, which I brought home daily being a mortician, and the energies of spirits in my home, along with positive prayer, bothered his being to no end.  "Something" was at work on him to leave for the benefit of all, but I didn't know it at the time.
Eventually, the young man did leave, but not without help from police after many secrets had been revealed, all of which were nasty and hurtful.  After he was gone and done with, I took the time to gladly clean out his room, as well as thoroughly cleanse our home and property of his deep negativity.  On one evening in early 2010, during one of my deep cleaning stints in what had been his room, I had the window coverings up and felt as if I was being watched.  I became aware of a dog we'd rescued standing and looking towards the window, with her tail wagging and a happy smile on her face.  I turned to see the disheveled spirit from the funeral home on the walkway outside the window.  I had no fear any longer and was just startled for a second.
When he knew he had my full attention, he backed away from the window, turned, and walked into another area of my backyard.  As I watched him, his countenance began to change.  His body went from slumped and dejected to upright and confident.  His clothing, which had been torn, dirty, and wrinkled, became clean and ironed.  When he stopped his walk and turned back around to face towards the bedroom, I saw that his hair, teeth, and face, which had been scraggly, dirty, and bearded, went to combed, clean, and freshly shaven.  He was now quite a handsome fellow with a smile on his face that spoke of nothing but healed peace and thanks.
As I looked at him he began to glow, surrounded in a light which should have been too bright to look at, but wasn't.  He gave me a nod in confirmation as the realization came to me that this was indeed the spirit that had chased my car and he was now Going Home.  He raised his right hand, waved goodbye, looked to the heavens as the light surrounding him strengthened, and he was gone.  Now, in the area where he stood, is growing a tree between a bougainvillea bush and a small gravesite where I've buried several pets who were deeply loved.  What a cherished and blessed gift that will forever remind me of his time on this earth and his help.

                                                  *   *   *   *   *   *   *

During interviews I am often asked why this happened with this particular spirit.  The answer to this is a simple one - because someone cared and did so from the heart.  Spirits, just like living beings, need someone to care from the heart and understand - or, at the very least, try to - compassionately, honestly, and openly.  The spirit who went Home needed that and only that.  In return, he returned the favor by making someone leave my home who was truly evil.  I have often said and firmly believe that it is not the dead we should fear, but the living, and herein lies proof.

From my heart to yours, I bid you peace.